Why this site

With the renewed interest in health and subtle body topics, there is a glut of information on all aspects of Yoga. The Indian mystic and Spiritual teacher, Sri M, says that these days there are more teachers than students. So what is the need for another website on this topic ?

तत्र ध्यानजम् अनाशयम्

Tatra Dhyanajam Anashayam (yoga sutra 4.6)

An action done from a meditative state of mind leaves no residues of attachment

Therefore ancient texts, written by enlightened sages in a meditative state of mind and studied for thousands of years, are worth studying because they ground the mind and make it conducive for better thinking. This site aims to bring together such pieces of information on yoga by providing links, connecting its various aspects, like asanas and ayurveda and provide a repository of information for the like-minded.