Sutra Study Series : The Yoga Practice as defined by Patanjali

Lecture presentation by Ganesh B.

Date: Sat., Jun. 12, 2021. 10:30AM Pacific time, USA

Duration: 45 minutes + time for questions

Cost: Free

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Phone Number (‪US‬)‪+1 484-886-4039‬ PIN: ‪782 631#‬

Anyone is welcome to attend



Great masterpieces in music, art and science arise from a deeper state of consciousness and have nothing left to be improved. This is why studying such masterpieces have a profoundly calming effect on the mind. This is the case with the study of the yoga sutras.

The yoga sutras are typically studied sequentially because, after all, a sutra is a string and the various verses of the yoga sutra are like beads on a string.

Nevertheless, for most of us, concepts presented in yoga sutra such as Nirbheeja Samadhi (Samadhi without an object as the focus of meditation) and Sabheeja Samadhi (Samadhi with an object as the focus of meditation) are difficult to grasp especially when presented in the thought flow that Patanjali envisioned.

This series aims to focus on a few topics that are most relevant to and easily understood by lay people like us to motivate and sustain our yoga practice - be it asana, pranayama, meditation or anything else in the yogic discipline. The yoga sutras will be used as the core with material also drawn from yoga rahasya, hatha yoga pradipika and the teachings of the Buddha.

The most common questions that arises in practitioners' mind (especially those of meditators) are "Am I doing things correctly ? When will I see the benefit ? How will the subtle benefits look like ? Do I have the right teacher ?" Therefore the first lecture presentation in this series will address these topics as elucidated by these ancient texts.

If anyone is interested in attending, please kindly RSVP here or email me your email address. If you have specific points that you will like me to address please fill out the comments section. I will email the date and time as well as the slides in advance.