The mystic powers from meditation-1

Date: Sat. Feb. 5, 2022

Time: 2pm-3pm PDT

Location: Online

Format: Interactive presentation

Cost: Free

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In this fifth presentation in the Sutra Study Series, we will cover the topic of the Siddhis or the mystic powers that arise from meditation. Patanjali allocates about 20% of the yoga sutras to this topic, yet he cautions that these mystic powers that arise from meditation are an obstacle to both samadhi and the ultimate goal of yoga -Kaivalyam or liberation. Many people get attracted to yoga because of the mysticism and the great displays of physical and mental strength that they see in yoga practitioners. Once they practice yoga for sometime, however, they find the other subtle and practical benefits and their interest in yoga goes from the gross to the subtle. The Siddhis therefore play important role in attracting the gross mind to follow the path of yoga.