Workshops and Presentations

18) The making of a Yogi, (Using asanas as a gateway to a Yogic lifestyle as described in the scriptures on Yoga) May, 12, 2024

17) The Mystical dimensions of asana practice, Completed Feb, 2024

16) Prana and Agni, The essentials of a traditional Hatha Yoga Practice, Completed Feb. 11, 2024

15) "An Introduction to the Yoga Sutras and Yoga Philosophy", A presentation given as a part of Yoga teacher training.

14) "Who is a Yogi ?" (as enunciuated in the Scriptures on Yoga)

13) "Bandhas and Beyond": A 2 hour workshop providing an introduction to the bandhas and the Prana as outlined in the scriptures and experienced using asanas in the style of Hatha Yoga (Sept. 16, 2023 from 2pm-4pm)

12) "Atma Jnanam: Knowledge of the Atma- The subtler dimensions of asana practice-III" (postponed to Oct. 2023)

11) "Finding the Purusha through balancing poses" (on going): A subtler dimensions of asana practice mini-series (Completed in June 2023)

10) Subtler dimensions of Asana Practice-2: Yoga Arudam (Completed in May 2023)

9) Subtler dimensions of Asana Practice-1 (Completed in March 2023)

8) Sutra Study Series

7) Mythology and Symbolism behind Asanas-2 (July 16, 2022)

6)Mythology and Symbolism behind Asanas-1 (June 4, 2022)

5) The subtle aspects of Hatha Yoga Workshop (May. 14, 2022)

4) An Introduction to Yoga Philosophy (June 20, 2022)

3) Moola Bandha Workshop (Jan. 8, 2022)

2) Yoga of the Kathopanishad 

1) Yoga Philosophies from Ancient India