आत्म ज्ञानम् 

Ātma Jñānam

Knowledge of the Ātma


This is the third workshop in "The subtler dimensions of asana practice" series of workshops. As with the other workshops in this series, every class will be 2 hours long. We will practice asanas for 80 minutes in the style of traditional Hatha Yoga with emphasis on the bandhas and the Ujjayi breath to kindle the body's Agni (fire) and channel the prana. This will be followed by a small break after which we will study a topic from the scriptures for 30 minutes using a slide presentation.

The  first workshop in this series is titled "The subtler dimensions of asana practice". This is the introductory workshop that goes into detail on all the subtler elements if asanas like the Ujjayi breath, the agni, the bandhas and the Mudras.

 The second workshop is titled "Yoga Arudam: Establishing in Yoga- The life and destiny of a yogi" and it goes into detail on the life and destiny of a Yogi. Mind placement in asana practice is emphasized in this workshop. 

In this third workshop, we will study a portion of chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita as well as a portion of chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras, focusing on the knowledge of the atma which is known by different names including dehi, purusha etc. This will take place over 6 classes. 

The 2nd chapter of the Bhagavad Gita gives an overview of the entire Bhagavad Gita and is therefore considered it's most important chapter. The entire goal of Yoga, as elucidated in these two great texts on Yoga, is to understand the Atma as being different from the body.


80 minute of asana practice with focus on bandhas, mudras and the breath

35 minutes of the study of the Atma from chapter 2 of the Bhagavad Gita and the 1st part of chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutras

There will be adequate opportunity to develop one's practice during the six weeks using the means above


4 Saturdays starting mid Oct 2023


8am-10:05 am Pacific time. 


Online and at a home in Sunnyvale, CA. We will have informal tea and social gathering after class, to foster community.

Due to limited room for the in-person option, we will cap it to about 8 participants on a first come first serve basis. 


$60 for the entire workshop (No drop-ins)

(If you wish to pay a different amount for any reason, you may contact me with a well thought through email explaining why you are interested and I will be able to help you)

This workshop will take place if there are a minimum of 10 people.  Feel free to invite your friends.

Target audience

Any one interested in the subtler dimensions of asana practice as well as the spiritual and mystical aspects of yoga from the ancient scriptures. People with an established asana practice will benefit a lot from this dimension of yoga which is not taught in yoga classes. Even if you have not attended the first two workshops, you can still attend. I will provide all the recordings of the theory portion from the first two workshops (free of cost).


1)  The Atma is much more difficult to realize than Ishwara

2) What comes from the long term practice of yoga -2 ?

3) As the Body is for the Purusha, So are Asanas for Yoga

4) Thu Purusha Prakriti Conondrum

5) The Subtler dimensions of asana practice-1 (workshop slides and info)

6)  The Subtler dimensions of asana practice-2: Yoga Arudam or the Lifestyle and Destiny of a Yogi (workshop slides and info)

7) Finding the Purusha through balancing poses (slides)- A subtler dimensions of asana practice mini-series.