"Finding Moola Bandha" Workshop

Date: Jan. 8, 2022

“Finding the Moola Bandha” workshop

Sat. Jan 8,2022. 8:00AM - 9:20 AM PST

The Moola Bandha, or the root lock, mentioned in many ancient yogic and spiritual texts is used to divert the energy upward to gain clarity of mind. In asana practice it is also used, together with the Ujjayi breath, to perform poses that otherwise are difficult to perform.

In this online workshop we will present the concept in the 1st 20 minutes, then we will do some asanas from the starting sequence and a few other asanas from the main sequence of the primary series of ashtanga yoga to look for the Moola Bandha. The last 10-15 minutes will be used to share the participant’s experience.

Prerequisite: Some experience with yoga - ashtanga primary series or equivalent is recommended. Not suitable for complete beginners


Eat light the previous night

Avoid eating anything heavy on the morning of the workshop. Light warm/hot beverage is OK 1 hour prior.

Evacuate your bowels before the workshop

What to expect

Come with an open mind. Moola Bandha is experienced differently by different people and the experience and feelings are totally personal. It is generally felt by an upliftment of the perennial floor and a sense of lightness and ease. Even if you don't experience anything during the workshop, this will lay the seeds that will one day cause you to stumble upon the Moola Bandha, one of the the most powerful energy locks in yogic practice.

Reference: How to use Moola Bandha and the Ujjayi breath to perform asanas even if you are inflexible