Finding the Purusha through balancing poses

A "subtler dimensions of asana practice" workshop

Format :

120 minutes of asana practice with focus on the bandhas, the prana and the breath; Asana practice will be interspersed with information from the yoga scriptures on the various aspects to settle the restless mind.  We will practice some balancing poses using some techniques from the classic yoga texts, called "Aalambanas" or anchors, to still the mind and attain balance.

All levels of asana practitioners are welcome.


Time : 10:00am-12:00noon PDT 

Slides (from a similar past workshop with an extended presentation)

About the Workshop facilitator 


The Nature of the Purusha (the seer) and how the scriptures say one can experience it 

It is said that the mind is like a movie theater with images and sounds constantly played in it. This is non-stop and happens even in dreams. Patanjali calls this movie theater of the mind, "Pratyaya". When the images and sounds subside, then what is seen (and possibly also heard) on this silver screen, is the reflection of the Purusha.

Balancing poses are exquisite because in order to balance, the mind has to attain some level of stillness. Balancing poses, in that way, provide a lot of rest for the mind even if we are able to balance for only a few seconds. Imagine someone next to you constantly talking into your ear. That is how the mind feels like. A break from this chatter is welcomed by all. That is why balancing poses seem "delicious".

The movie theater of the mind