Mystic powers from meditation

The Yoga sutras are a scientific treatise on yoga. Its information content is very dense and Maharishi Patanjali has packed the core of the yoga philosophy in 196 aphorisms. Patanjali lists the ultimate state of yoga as Samadhi - a deep meditative state in which the meditator feels like she/he merges with the object of meditation. A scientific treatise, certainly would list the side effects and Patanjali does indeed list the side-effects of this state of samadhi as Siddhis or Vibhutis. These are the mystic powers that are attained when mastery over certain elements of nature is achieved through meditation.

The first of this two part presentation will cover the mechanism of meditation, its various practical aspects as enunciated by Patanjali and some of the Siddhis.

The second part will look at the rest of the Siddhis. Overall Patanjali uses 43 sutras (41 in chapter 3 and 2 in chapter 4) to describe the Siddhis. This is more than one-fifth of the Yoga Sutras.


The first presentation was done previously earlier this year but for the sake of continuity will be done again followed by the second presentation. These two are a separate unit and no prior knowledge of the previous portions of the yoga sutras are required. However, for those interested in the slides and presentations of the previous parts, they can be found here. "The Yoga practice as defined by Patanjali" and "The foundations for Ashtanga Yoga" form one self contained unit. Similarly "Ashtavangani -I" and "Ashtavangani -II" form another self contained unit.

Date: Sat. July 30 and Sat. Aug. 6

6pm-7:15pm PDT

Venue: online and in-person (Sunnyvale, CA)

Donation: Suggested $15 or whatever you can afford for both presentations (Goes to charity)

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Slides : Part-1, Part-2

Video recording of part-1

July 30, 2022 recording

Feb. 5, 2022 recording